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Osom Brand Journal

Stories, news, press and all articles related to Osom Brand and OSOMTEX while pursuing our mission to keep landfills free of textiles and clothing.

New Osom Brand retailer - Nomad Tribe Stores

Patricia Ermecheo

Nomad Tribe stores located in Wynood and Miami Beach, become the first retail stores and online shop to spread the Osom Brand goodness. 

Nomad Tribe is an ethical fashion marketplace for all brands that are about creating a positive social impact while making beautiful fashion statements. They support local entrepreneurs that like ourselves use the tools of business and the art form of fashion to tackle some of the world's biggest challenges like, poverty, disabilities, access to education and environmental problems.

We believe that together we collectively make a stronger impact on educating consumers that what they choose to buy (or not to buy) can change the course of this planet. 

You can also find our products in their website!

The Future of Sustainable Fashion Talk @ Neushop 9/2/16

Patricia Ermecheo

Last Friday September 2nd we gathered at NEUSHOP Downtown Miami among local students, thinkers, creatives, designers, entrepreneurs, friends and family to engage in conversation with Adnan Razack, professor at Miami International University of Art & Design on the topic of sustainable fashion.

Neushop presents Osom Brand

We shared our experience of founding this company focused on up-cycling unwanted textiles; the journey of understanding the amount of discarded garments that make their way to landfills, to then develop textile waste into brand new pieces of clothing such as our socks.

NEUSHOP is continuously hosting events and initiatives where design is understood as a discipline that goes beyond the making of a finished product, and looks at resolving issues related to our quotidian lives comprehensively and responsibly. We decided we should collaborate and get together to talk about The Future Of Sustainable Fashion and learn more about the current impact this industry is having on our environment.


The Future of Sustainable Fashion 9/2/16 @neushop 

Introducing Osom Brand Sustainable Socks

Patricia Ermecheo

July 29 2016

We are so excited to announce that our first 8 designs of sustainable socks are finally out.


New Osom Brand socks ethically made in Guatemala of 95% recycled clothes (outdoor designs) and 85% recycled clothes (casual designs). The colors of the socks are possible by using blends of mixed recycled clothing, recycled cotton and recycled denim. We are working towards an expanded range of colors for our future arrivals.

No water or dyes have been used in the process. Saving thousands of gallons of water and without splashing a single drop of toxic waste. 

Our mission is to create new quality clothing with discarded clothing in a sustainable way. Help reduce textile waste from going into landfills and help reduce the impact of the fashion industry on our environment. 

Specially designed and produced for comfort, softness and breathability for everyday activities and active outdoor lifestyle.

Divided into two categories: 


| Juno | Pluto | Loop | Sagitta | Milky Way |


| Columba | Aquila | Leo |

Hitting the Road

Patricia Ermecheo

Mission: adventure-certify the socks 

June 4 - 25  2016

Las Vegas ·  Palm Springs  · San Diego ·  Los Angeles  ·  San Francisco · Yosemite ·  Death Valley · Grand Canyon ·  Las Vegas ·

We are stoked to hit the road again and live the van life for three weeks. This time our Osom Brand™ socks are coming with us to adventure-certify them, test durability, comfort, breathability and spread the goodness. We'll be posting right here in our blog and in Instagram @osombrand. Hit us up if you'd like to meet us. See you down the trail.

Update! roadrtrip photos.

Hello World!

Patricia Ermecheo

This amazing and challenging journey has begun. We are set to defy the rules and ultimately change the world, for good. We say hello and welcome you to Osom Brand™.