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From Clothing To Clothing

Osom Brand ™ Sustainability

When manufacturing our upcycled clothing yarns we are making a statement in the fashion industry: it is possible to reduce textile waste and close the loop ethically, and bring down to ZERO the use of water and dyes.

"We created Osom Brand with the principle of manufacturing clothing in a completely sustainable way without compromising quality and style."

Patricia Ermecheo, Osom Brand founder 


Being sustainable brings us great satisfaction, big challenges and continuous innovation.

Our commitment to the environment runs deep and goes hand in hand with the products we make and the people who make them.

Reduce Textile Waste

99% of textiles can be recycled. 

We recycle discarded clothing and textile waste to make Osom Brand thread, this ensures that our company's environmental impact is minimal from the raw material level. Our ultimate goal is to keep textiles away from landfills by repurposing them into new apparel closing the loop in the fashion industry.

The U.S. alone generates a staggering amount of 25 billion pounds of PCTW (post consumer textile waste) per year number that is projected to increase yearly by 2%. Only 15% gets donated or recycled and starts the Life Cycle of Secondhand Clothing with 5% of clothing ending up as waste.

Ethically Manufactured Osom Brand

Ethically Manufactured

A successful mission relies on the people we work with.

Our high standards of ethical manufacturing engage directly with our supplier's safe workplace, fair wages and overall welfare of the people we pride to call part of our supply chain.

Because we are global citizens at Osom Brand we understand that our international suppliers operate in different legal and cultural environments, yet it is of great satisfaction that we have chosen a team in which our ethical guidelines are respected, met and often exceeded. 

  No Water

Our process is waterless and we are committed to keep it that way.

Water is a scarce resource that it is over used and contaminated in the apparel industry. Over 40 trillion gallons of water are used yearly in the world just for cotton production. In the treatment phase of textiles over 228 billion gallons of wastewater is produced and dumped into local rivers.

We highly encourage our customers to wash their Osom Brand socks along with regular laundry for even a smoother feel. This only helps keep our ZERO water use commitment.


No Toxic Waste

We use no chemicals, dyes or pesticides in our manufacturing process.

The beauty of making new thread with recycled textiles is that we skip cotton farming and not only save water but to cut the use of pesticides that damages the environment and farmers alike. 12.8 billion pounds of pesticides are used yearly in the U.S. contaminating grounds, water, rivers and oceans. The effect of pesticides is actually devastating for wildlife.

Because we do not treat our recycled fabrics with dyes or other toxic treating materials like Formaldehyde,heavy metals and salts, we are helping to keep rivers and oceans clean. 

Every year 57 billion pounds of toxic waste are dumped into local rivers endangering entire communities, our oceans and wildlife. 

It is time for a cleaner fashion industry.