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Sustainably upcycled OSOMTEX eco-friendly yarns and fabrics. 


Upcycled yarns and fabrics

Promoting a circular economy in the textile industry

The textile industry is the second most polluting industry on the planet. We believe that shifting it from linear to circular is the only way to go. At OSOMTEX®, we repurpose millions of pounds of discarded post-consumer and post-industrial textile waste directly from brands and the general supply chain to create high-quality upcycled yarns and fabrics. Our process uses No water, No dyes, and NO harsh chemicals, making it the best sustainable solution to help reduce the negative impact of creating new clothing and virgin fibers, saving millions of gallons of water every year and also our people, rivers, and oceans from pesticides and toxic waste. The fiber blends of our yarns are 100% sustainably unique and tailored to our client needs, the possibilities are endless.





We want to share the goodness with brands and people that are interested in collaborating with us, contact us for more information about our upcycled yarns and fabrics.

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