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Osom Brand Journal

Stories, news, press and all articles related to Osom Brand and OSOMTEX while pursuing our mission to keep landfills free of textiles and clothing.

Hitting the Road

Patricia Ermecheo

Mission: adventure-certify the socks 

June 4 - 25  2016

Las Vegas ·  Palm Springs  · San Diego ·  Los Angeles  ·  San Francisco · Yosemite ·  Death Valley · Grand Canyon ·  Las Vegas ·

We are stoked to hit the road again and live the van life for three weeks. This time our Osom Brand™ socks are coming with us to adventure-certify them, test durability, comfort, breathability and spread the goodness. We'll be posting right here in our blog and in Instagram @osombrand. Hit us up if you'd like to meet us. See you down the trail.

Update! roadrtrip photos.