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Osom Brand Journal

Stories, news, press and all articles related to Osom Brand and OSOMTEX while pursuing our mission to keep landfills free of textiles and clothing.

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Green Dreamer Podcast interview live! Featuring Patricia Ermecheo, Hosted by Kaméa Chayne

Patricia Ermecheo

Kaméa Chayne – host of Green Dreamer Podcast delves into conversation with OSOMTEX CEO & Founder Patricia Ermecheo.

green dreamer ep 64 - Patricia Ermecheo

How were you able to create a technology to be able to close the loop in our production and disposal of clothing? What does it take to come up with a disruptive idea for sustainability and bring it to life? Patricia Ermecheo, CEO and Founder of Osom Brand and OSOMTEX, shares her wisdom with us on this episode.



[2:02] What first inspired Patricia’s passion for nature.


[4:30] What got Patricia into the world of sustainable fashion.


[6:35] Patricia: “I was told many, many times that it was going to be impossible by the most experienced textile engineers… but it is possible and we’ve done it.”


[9:20] Patricia: “It is absolutely world-changing because we don’t need to keep exploiting the earth with all these virgin resources like cotton. And we don’t need water or dyes to make this, so therefore the oceans and rivers aren’t going to get contaminated by it. Sometimes it’s so amazing that people can’t even understand!”


[9:50] Kaméa: “What’s OSOMTEX doing differently than other textile recycling programs?”


[12:27] Patricia: “If you make things easy and fast, people will start to use it more. So I wanted to make it fast and accessible.”


[13:24] Kaméa: “Can this be recycled an indefinite number of times?”


[15:21] Patricia’s biggest challenge in building Osom Brand and what she’s found to be most effective in spreading the word about the brand.


[18:13] Kaméa: “What keeps you going and gives you the courage to keep putting yourself out there?”


[22:17] What it meant to Patricia when Osom Brand was featured as one of the most disruptive technologies in the fashion industry.


[23:35] Kaméa: “What’s your best advice for someone who has a disruptive idea that they’re just getting started with?”


[25:25] Patricia: “Start trying to change your regular habits and lifestyle in a way that will give you more of a peace of mind, so that you can achieve your dream with no stress.”


[26:39] Patricia: “People need to choose their sacrifices wisely in order to achieve their dreams.”


[26:46] Kaméa: “What do you think we need most today to accelerate towards a thriving planet?”


About This Show

If you're an eco creative, visionary, entrepreneur, or activist SO passionate about sustainability that you're eager to do what you can not only in your personal life, but also with your passion projects dedicated to helping our planet thrive, Green Dreamer Podcast with Kaméa Chayne was created for YOU! Actor-entrepreneur and UN Environment Goodwill Ambassador Adrian Grenier, Bea Johnson of Zero Waste Home, Orsola de Castro of Fashion Revolution, Xiuhtezcatl of Earth Guardians, and Nikki Silvestri, named one of The Root 100 Most Influential African Americans, are just a few eco pioneers, though leaders, and conservation creatives you can look forward to hearing as honored guests. How can we leverage the power of social and digital media to strengthen the movement? How can we use creative communication, scalable eco ventures, and innovative thinking to push the needle forward? And what do we need to turn our awareness of deep-rooted issues into meaningful action, and accelerate towards sustainability in this time of need? This is just the tip of the iceberg of what we dive into, while ALWAYS concluding with baby actions we can take today and elements of hope we can use to fuel our motivation. If this sounds like your jam, hit SUBSCRIBE and together, let's learn what it takes to elevate sustainability, bring our eco ideas to life, and THRIVE - in every sense of the word. Thanks for bringing your light! With gratitude, your Host @KameaChayne.